Monday, November 1, 2010

Listening, Believing and a Kick in the Pants!

I have spent a great deal of time lately alternating between kicking myself and being my own cheerleader (aka encouraging myself in the Lord).

This morning I have taken some much needed time to review life and it's most recent lessons.  The conclusion I reached is this:  I need to believe God differently.

Have you ever had those times in life when you just know God has whispered to your heart and promised you a few things?  Perhaps you were reading a verse and something in it captured your attention.  Maybe you were sitting in a church service and as the pastor made a particular point, an inner response said, "Hey....I'm talking to you."

Me too! (I declare while wildly, waving my hand back and forth here at the kitchen table).  I am no different when it comes to acknowledging that I've heard.  My struggle is to keep believing when whatever I think God has told me, does not immediately happen.

Picture this.  God speaks a word and the slightest thing happens to bring confirmation of it.  Suddenly you are doing the happy dance around the kitchen table basking in your great faith.   Then, five minutes later, you're sharing it with someone and the person you've shared it with doesn't have, shall we say, your same level of exuberance.  Doubt, that nasty devil, lands on your back and the happy dance suddenly turns to a kick in the pants.   We are now silently berating ourselves, wondering what in the world we could have been thinking.  Head down, we take a second look at our "great faith" and wonder just how small it must be, since mustard seed size is supposed to move a mountain.  

Perhaps it's just me.  Maybe I am the only one who struggles not to doubt a word from God.  However, in case I am not alone, here are a few tips I have learned in the process of gaining mustard seed faith.

  1. Spend time with the Lord daily so He can bring clarity to His word and so that your view matches His.  
  2. Remember that satan "comes immediately to steal the word" so be choosey about who you share your heart with.  
  3. Keep in mind that life is a process.  Just because something doesn't happen immediately doesn't mean you were wrong.  It is more than likely part of the "equipping" or character building process. 
  4. Remember that those He "calls" he not only equips, but he qualifies and what He considers a qualification is usually pretty different from us.  
  5. Never forget that you are not in it alone.  We are called "the body" for a reason so link arms with those God places in your life and enjoy the journey!
  6. Finally, keep God as your primary focus.  Regardless of how wonderful and amazing God's plans for your life are (and they are wonderful and amazing!) IT IS NEVER ABOUT US.  It is quite simply about advancing the Kingdom of God and seeming HIM glorified.  
Keep Believing!!  


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