Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Expression....

It is hard to believe that a busy summer has come to an end and a new season is beginning. As we are about to enjoy the beauty of autumn, it is also time for women to enjoy the beauty of God’s expression within.

The Expression is a two-day conference that empowers women to “Live True” to who God has created them to be.  So mark your calendars for Friday, November 12th and Saturday, November 13th 2010.  We are inviting women, 18-years of age or better, to join us for a time of worship and fresh impartation of worth, value and identity in Christ.

Session topics:
* Illuminating the Shadows             ~            Julie Gutierrez
* Finding Your Voice                        ~         Caroline Crawford
* Discovering the Treasure            ~             Kelli Plater
* Embracing the Present             ~                Tracee Wargo
* Be Still & Know                         ~             Kym Hibbard
* From Weakness to Strength            ~         Peggy Milam
You won’t want to miss this fantastic conference where you will experience deep renewal and an opportunity to embrace your own unique expression.   For more information please contact us at 810-689-8362  We look forward to hearing from you. 
See you in November! 

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