Monday, July 5, 2010

Love Loud

This last Sunday my pastor started a message series called "Love Loud."  The challenge he gave was to love people as Jesus loves.  He challenged us to remove the labels of sinner and saint and simply be about the business of loving people.  The challenge has already had an impact in my life.

It is so easy to love the ones who have already woven themselves into our heart. But what about the people we come into contact with that tend to rub us the wrong way?

I love to look at the life of Jesus throughout scripture.  He clearly loved everyone he came into contact with, but he did so without compromising who he is.  He continued to walk out love with healthy boundaries.  Think about it.  Though he challenged the pharisees, he did so while loving them.  Some might have called this type of display "tough love."

No matter who Jesus met, he knew how to speak their very specific love language, as well as, the love language they needed in order to hear and grow.  Love wears many forms and faces but when given with the heart of Jesus, it carries a walloping impact!  Big, little, easy or hard, labels removed, I am committed to take the Love Loud challenge and watch what Jesus does with it. Wanna join me?

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