Sunday, June 20, 2010


I have sassy kids.  My kids aren't brats by any means, actually I'm crazy about them.  But sassy.....whew baby.................Especially my daughter Taylor.

Taylor is pretty unique. She is the kid that everyone loves and most everyone likes, but boy did she come out sassy! I always know when a zinger is coming. She looks at me with the same little face she had a three, and with a twinkle in her eye, she nails me. She then has the nerve to look me square in the face, as she confidently whispers under her breath, "I'm you."

The truth? I love it!!  After one of her love filled pokes, I often run to the phone to proudly tell a friend what fresh remark she made, just like when she was little.  I love that my daughter has inherited my sassy.  I love that she actually likes to claim that she is in some way like me.

Why spend time commenting on this? Well, besides noticing this about my daughter, I had a conversation with a friend the other day. While we were talking, she zeroed in on a comment that I made. "I may not be a lot of things" I said, "but I know I make God laugh. He likes that about me."

She stopped an entire table full of women and asked, "Why don't more of us think like that?"

Between these two things, it really made me wonder. Why is it we don't enjoy the same fun things with God that we do with our kids? What sassy, joyful, unique, fun thing has God put in us that we fail to recognize as something wonderful?  How can we fail to recognize that He has a really great sense of humor?  What gets in the way of how we see Him? What gets in the way of how we see us?

I have to ask, what trait do you secretly love about yourself?  Do you ever wonder where you get it?  Try thinking past your mom, dad or crazy Aunt Harriet and see what you come up with. You just might end up seeing yourself, as well as God, from a whole new perspective. You might even share a sassy laugh together!

FYI, as you can imagine, Taylor loved that I wrote this about her.  She even had some sassy remarks to make about it.......and I laughed.


  1. I love that the Lord made me as short as you are, Julie, so I can look you right in the eye and exclaim, "SASSY!"

  2. lol I love you!!! We are cool!

  3. @ Tracy..... I could hear the SASSY in your voice when you said it!! It is almost like "Mufasa" LOL!