Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another generation......

My last time as a church camp camper was over twenty-five years ago.  Last night, walking into an overheated, humid, slightly odiferous, crowded room, it all rushing back.  I stood in silent awe, my throat closed, as I watched another generation of kids worshiping at summer camp.

I saw kids seeking with all they had, to be the best version of themselves.  I watched as boys and girls went forward, praying that they would take home, all that God was doing in them.  Young women supporting each other as they prayed through hurts and heartaches.  Young men hugging a friend's shoulder and whispering, "You can do it man.  I got your back."  

I watched as my fifteen-year-old son moved towards the front with his hands raised in praise.  I smiled as my eighteen-year-old daughter stood towards the back worshiping, while keeping a watchful eye, as a new team leader.

Another generation coming to know Jesus.  Another generation living to sing His praise.  Another generation that will rise up and bring the kingdom of God to the nations.  Another generation....each extraordinary, each unique, each irreplaceable.  I want to cheer them on, help them fly and have their back. Another generation.......


  1. Amen - what a blessing to watch the next generation making the choice to follow Him and stand strong.

  2. This makes me tear up...