Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lies, Pain and Inadequacy

There are times in life when inadequacy is absolutely determined to bash me over the head.   I think about life and the opportunities before me and feel, in short, unqualified and inadequate.  And then I sit and I listen.  I listen to my own heart and the message it is speaking.  I listen to the voice of God.  As I coach I listen to others and where they are at, what they are going through and my heart swells with a desire for others to grow, change and become all that they were meant to be.

In all of these moments the feelings of inadequacy receive a wake up call.  As I sit and listen I feel my own answers rise to the surface.  Through these times I see clearly that the voice of inadequacy is a liar, not just to me, but to all those that battle its injection of pain.  Each of us is so unique and though there are many things for us to learn, whether through education or experience, inadequate is something we are absolutely not. 

As I take the time to sit quietly and search for different perspectives, I’ve found that I have been well trained and uniquely prepared in each season of life and that truth removes the lie and alleviates the pain.  So I’m calling inadequacy, its lies and its pain, to an all out street fight; and I’m going to win.  I am going to win for myself and for all those I am privileged to serve, for I am not inadequate and neither are you…   So join me, sit and listen to your own heart, the truth will arise.

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